Monday, April 9, 2012

[OTHER] Effective today

Hey guys,

I know you don't want hear this from me, but I'm sorry.  I will not be able to post or maintain the blog until further notice.  I'm in the process of dealing with a serious issue and it might cause me to lose the internet for a minute (aka longer than a week).  Therefore I won't be accepting mixtapes or posting anything for awhile.  I was going to take down the blog, but I didn't think that would be fair to you guys.

I will still be on Facebook because I can access it from my phone.  I rarely use twitter and I don't use anything other than that.

Again, I'm sorry.  =(


Thursday, April 5, 2012

Saturday, March 31, 2012

[MIXTAPE CD PROJECT 2] Aural Goodness - Compiled by Joey Shofet

Aural Goodness - Compiled by Joey Shofet
Genre:  hip hop / acid jazz / jazz / bossa nova / trip hop / experimental / electronic


01 Intro: A Cosmic Drama - Flying Lotus
02 Morning (AM Mix) - Stolen Identity
03 Dilla_Shine - Robert Glasper & Zynzelay
04 Fall In Love - Carlos Nino & Miguel Atwood-Ferguson
05 Happy Summer Solstice - Carlos y Gaby
06 Houstatlantavegas (MeLo-X Remix) - Sonnymoon
07 O morro não tem vez - Antonio Carlos Jobim & Sergio Mendes
08 Reel Life (Evolution II) - The Cinematic Orchestra
09 Into Eternity - Miguel Atwood-Ferguson
10 007 And Counting - John Barry
11 Kick Push/Eple - Lupe Fiasco vs Royksopp
12 Turkish Voodoo - Free the Robots
13 Crepuscolo Sul Mare - Piero Umiliani
14 Mambo Gallego (D-Code Remix) - Tito Puente
15 Pretty Good Right Now - Alex B
16 Macquarie Ridge - Boards of Canada
17 Sawtooth Ekg - Daedelus
18 Harlem Hendoo - Al Hirt
19 Lost Where I Belong [Flying Lotus Remix] - Andreya Triana
20 In Space - Royksopp


Saturday, March 24, 2012

[MIXTAPE CD PROJECT 2] Joey Shofet Presents... Audible Pleasures

Joey Shofet Presents... Audible Pleasures
Genre: Trip Hop, Electronic, Hip Hop, Acid Jazz, Experimental, Jazz, Bossa Nova

Part 1
01 La Femme D'Argent - Air
02 Sunshine - Lupe Fiasco
03 Jazz Move - Channel Two
04 December 4th - DJ Danger Mouse
05 Let's Ride - Q-Tip
06 Quiet Dawn (Example of Twelves Remix) -  Nostalgia 77
07 Hablo Del Amor - Yann Kuhlmann
08 Be Alright - Arts the Beatdoctor
09 Morning - Azymuth
10 Gifted - N.A.S.A. (ft. Santigold, Lykke li and Kanye West)
11 Beating the Sun - Johnny Five
12 By Your Sides (Neptunes Remix) - Sade
13 Fragment One (And I Kept Hearing...) - Kenneth Bager
14 Cross the Border - Philly's Most Wanted
15 Everything is Everything - Lauryn Hill
16 Oooh - De La Soul
17 Bankhead - T.I.
18 Girls Dem Sugar - Beenie Man
19 Hard or Soft (Joey Fingaz Freestyle) - Clipse
20 Oh Yeah - Lil Scrappy
21 Senorita - Jin
22 Spring - MC DJ

Part 2
01 Summertime - Sublime
02 Beggin' (Pilooski Re-Edit) - Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons
03 Don't Look Back - Telepopmusik
04 Gymnopedie No.1 - Erik Satie
05 Mamacita - Pharrella
06 Sparkle - Camp Lo
07 Pussy - Brazilian Girls
08 Cantamilla - Tranquility Bass
09 Soon the New Day - Talib Kweli
10 Gnossienne No.1 - Erik Satie
11 Moment of Clarity - DJ Danger Mouse
12 Like A Star - Corinne Beiley Rae
13 Rock N' Roll - FamLay
14 Kick Ass Violin Solo - Aphex Twin
15 In the Midnight Hour - Natasha Ramos
16 High - Donnis
17 Dream About You - Mabanua
18 Ghetto Superstar - Mya, ODB, & Pras
19 Get A Move on - Mr. Scruff
20 They Say Vision (Robbie Rivera Vocal Mixshow Mix) - Res
21 Threat (RJD2 Remix) - Jay-Z
22 Why You Wanna (Remix) -T.I. 

Part 3
01 From Tha Chuuuch To Da Palace - Snoop Dogg
02 Down For Me - Loon
03 Culturr Shock - Johnny Five
04 The Garden - Cut Chemist
05 RobertaFlack(Mike Slott's Other Mix) - Flying Lotus
06 Sweatshop - Brazilian Girls
07 Smile - Lily Allen
08 The Official - Jaylib
09 What Do People Do All Day? - AIM
10 Rickshaw - Flying Lotus
11 So danco samba - Antonio Carlos Jobim & Sergio Mendes
12 Top Down - Swizz Beatz
13 True Love - One Be Lo
14 The Gentle Rain (RJD2 Remix) - Astrud Gilberto
15 The Flyest Criminal - Nas & Fiona Apple
16 93 'til Infinity - Souls of Mischief
17 Africanism - DJ Gregory
18 An Ode to Perfection - Johnny Five
19 Batucada - Spiller 
20 Brown Sugar - Mos Def
21 Can't Take My Eyes off of You - Lauryn Hill
22 Crush on You - Mr Cheeks


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Saturday, March 17, 2012

[MIXTAPE CD PROJECT 2] waz - (Waz presents ... Galaxy Lullaby)

waz - Was presents ... Galaxy Lullaby
Genre:  hip hop / instrumental / japan

01. Sol.illaquists of Sound - No More Heroes
02. Large Professor - Cheer (Nomak Remix)
03. Nujabes ft. Giovanca & Benny Sings - Kiss of Life
04. Nomak - Ultimate Eternity
05. Oneofus - I Met you
06. DJ Okawari - Temperature Of Tears
07. Kondor - Eternal Life
08. Nujabes - Far Fowls
09. Daishi Dance -  Music Life In Forest
10. Dj Whitesmith - Blackbook
11. Shin-Ski - Polaris
12. Hidetake Takayama - Sunset Song
13. Ayur - I Miss you
14. Emancipator - With Rainy Eyes
15. Mylo - Sunworshipper
16. Ludovico Einaudi - Nuvole Bianche
17. Cowboy Bebop - Space Lion


Saturday, March 10, 2012

[MIXTAPE CD PROJECT 2] Madhan - Just Music~A Hip Hop Mixtape

Madhan - Just Music~A Hip Hop Mixtape
Genre:  unknown

Compiled by: Madhan

1) L'Orange - Lost Souls
2) AGQ feat. SmooVth - Mental Prison
3) BSBD feat. AZ - The Come Up (mashup by BSBD)
4) One Be Lo feat. Five Seasons & Lemongrass - Rocketship (mashup by EvanAwake)
5) Oddisee & Toine - Different Now
6) Rozewood - Prelude to a Funeral
7) Rashad & Confidence - Understand
8) Oddisee x Take - Show You (mashup by EvanAwake)
9) A Tribe Called Quest - Stressed Out (SoulChef remix)
10) Hannibal King feat. 10ille - Persephone
11) SoulChef - Never
12) @Peace - Sky is Falling
13) SoulChef feat. Thurro - Bless My Tongue
14) Hannibal King - Because I Love You
15) SoulChef feat. Need Not Worry - Drifting in a Daydream
16) Sun Zoo feat. Haruka Nakamura - Just Music (mashup by EvanAwake)


Monday, February 27, 2012

[OTHER] Missing posts

Hey all,

I probably shouldn't be doing this because it's not really my fault...I have to apologize for the last couple of missing mixtape posts. It seems whoever signed up for those weeks forgot that they needed to get it in. I'm too busy to remind people to turn in their mixtapes and I just noticed that there hasn't been any posts for two weeks. Hopefully, whoever has signed up from this week on down until the week before 3/31/12 will see this and get their stuff in.

It looks like I'm going to have to take an additional week off in April (first week). I'm terribly busy with two jobs and I don't think people understand that. I keep getting emails and comments asking (and sometimes demanding) that I re-up all the links that were destroyed when Megaupload tanked. I don't have the time nor patience to do so right now so please refrain from asking me to re-up anything at this point. If I keep getting these requests, I will be forced to shut the blog down again (possibly for good).

 So, please, have some patience, consideration, and respect for the fact that I do have another life outside of this blog. I will try to do as much as I can, but right now, I just can't. I'm sorry if this comes off a bit angry, but it only applies to whoever it applies to. Everybody else, just pray the other people that signed up will produce their mixtapes!


Saturday, February 11, 2012

[MIXTAPE CD PROJECT 2] Joey Shofet Presents... Gourmet Tunes

Joey Shofet Presents... Gourmet Tunes
Genre:  hip hop / acid jazz / jazz / bossa nova / trip hop / experimental / electronic

01 Just Chill - Torae and Mala Machinko
02 Green Shades of You - Pandaboy
03 I Need A Girl (To Bella) - P. Diddy and the Bad Boy Family
04 Rico Suave Bossa Nova - J Dilla
05 1st Session - Mar Variation
06 Ebony Samba (take 2) - Stan Getz & Luiz Bonfá, Maria Toledo
07 enough - Alif Tree
08 dream about you - Mabanua
09 Buttermilk - TaKu
10 Scene #2 (Instrumental) - Gagle
11 A Roller Skating Jam Named Saturdays - De La Soul
12 Encore/Aruarian Dance - Jay-z and Nujabes
13 Nova - Amon Tobin
14 Frontin' Remix - Pharrell
15 Still Here (Instrumental) - Trek Life
16 Authority - Pulled Over by the Cops
17 Take You - Melo-X
18 Know the Time - Apollo Brown
19 Beat 9 - Ratatat
20 Dieu Reconnaitra Les Siens - DJ Cam
21 First Things Last (Instrumental) - Daddy Kev
22 Check the Rhime - A Tribe Called Quest
23 Dat Ass - Earl Sweatshirt


Saturday, February 4, 2012

[MIXTAPE CD PROJECT 2] Mixtape 1 - TwoDaystoAlaska

Mixtape 1 - TwoDaystoAlaska
Genre:  electronic / jazz / hip hop

01 Envy- Conclusion of Existence (0:00)
02 Michita- Birdriva (5:04)
03 Glen Porter- Tragedy Herself (8:14)
04 Metaform- Urban velvet (11:08)
05 Nujabes- Imaginary Folklore (13:08)
06 Star Slinger- Mornin' (18:09)
07 Ljones- Soul Below (20:03)
08 Al Green- Tired of Being Alone (23:00)
09 Sweatshop Union- Hit the Wall (25:00)
10 Raashan Ahmad- Pain on Black (28:51)
11 Lee Fields- You're the Kind of Girl (31:25)
12 Sage Francis- Waterline (35:03)
13 Port-royal - Roliga Timmen (36:56)
14 Portico Quartet- Paper Scissors Stone (40:29)
15 Heiruspecs- 5ves (44:51)
16 Jay Electronica- Eternal Sunshine (49:18)


Saturday, January 28, 2012

[MIXTAPE CD PROJECT 2] Na Style Jaa - Violins

Na Style Jaa - Violins
Genre: hip hop
Label: Spirit Records 2011

01 Open Curtains (Intro)
02 Earthquakes
03 Cops vs. Lumberjacks and Animals
04 Violins
05 Knights at the Casino
06 Vietnam's the Bomb
07 The Big D
08 My Name is Jesse Owens
09 8th Grade Dance Party (Dirty)
10 Danny Boy, You've Done It Again!


Saturday, January 21, 2012

[MIXTAPE CD PROJECT 2] Just Listen by Flavorpask

Just Listen, by Flavorpask
Genre:  hip hop / jazz / electronic / instrumental / soul / funk / japan

01 - Dj Soulscape - Velocity
02 - Soul Searcher - Can't Get Enough (DJ Theory Remix)
03 - K-Os - 4321 (The Sound Crate Remix)
04 - Elzhi - Transitional Joint
05 - Frankie Valentine - Marinheiro So (DJ Mitsu The Beats Remix)
06 - Cunninlynguists - Everywhere (instrumental)
07 - Ion the Prize - West Coast Chill
08 - J Rawls - Why You Do
09 - Tekst - Knotted
10 - Will Sessions - Life's a Bitch
11 - Compton - Record by Record ft. Jaidene Veda (Original Mix)
12 - Emanon (AloeBlack & Exile) - The Waiting Room

01 - Enchante - Kiss Me
02 - Indigo Jam Unit - Ren
03 - Lack of Afro - Fool
04 - Mara Hruby - Lose Myself (Stereolab)
05 - Myrtille - Les Pages
06 - Nujabes - Spiral
07 - Rhianna - World Love
08 - Alexander The Phatos - Koinokisetsu (S.O.L) ft. Pek Yun Siah
09 - Cunninlynguists - Looking Back ft. Anna Wise of Sonnymoon (acoustic)
10 - Gramatik - Chillaxin' By The Sea (Original Mix)
11 - SoulChef - California
12 - Michita - Offramp


Saturday, January 14, 2012

[MIXTAPE CD PROJECT 2] Sweet Vibes - Compiled by Joey Shofet

Sweet Vibes - Compiled by Joey Shofet
Genre:  hip hop / acid jazz / jazz / bossa nova / trip hop / experimental / electronic

1. Can't Get Used To Those Afterlude - Dimlite
2. Blessa - Toro Y Moi
3. Playground Love - Air
4. Summer Sun Feat. Yukimi Nagano - Koop
5. Sacre Cool - Young Montana
6. Bad Actors - Flying Lotus
7. Smoke & Mirrors - Tokimonsta
8. Sunandthestars - Rory Hoy
9. Nikes on my Feet - Mac Miller
10. Petit Morte - Andras Fox and Sui Zhen
11. The Journey - Rory Hoy
12. Undelivered Letter - Quantic and his Combo Barbaro
13. While You Doooo - Teebs
14. Soon the New Day - Madlib
15. Locals Only (Extended) - Dom Kennedy
16. Whenever There Is You Feat. Yukimi Nagano - Koop
17. Bern Rhythm - Teebs
18. She Likes To - Spaceboy Boogie X
19. Behold These Days (Berlin '74) - Jazzanova
20. Bready Soul - Tokimonsta
21. Reprise (A Splash Of Debussy) - DJ Food
22. Growing apart too (feat. Kendrick - Jhene Aiko
23. Long Ass Day - Napoleon Suarez
24. KJay & We Out - J Dilla
25. May-December - Mos Def

Saturday, January 7, 2012

[MIXTAPE CD PROJECT 2] DJ Dragon - Dreams and Memories

DJ Dragon - Dreams and Memories
Genre:  r and b / rock / instrumental

01 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – Leonardo's Watch
02 Golvelius – Password
03 Game of Thrones – Main Titles
04 Bad Company (Promo Score) – Prague Main Titles
05 Dynasty Warriors 5 – Rocks, Pebbles, and Sand
06 The Touch – Legend of the Touch/Circus
07 The Black Ghosts – Full Moon
08 Dandelium – Stronger
09 Dragonball Z Budokai – Namek (Challengers)
10 Yolanda Adams – If We Could Remember
11 Miami Vice The Complete Collection – Crockett's Return
12 Opus.XERO – Senretsu No Ryu
13 Batman Begins (Expanded Score) – Rebuild It
14 NCIS The TV Score – Aliyah
15 Sneaker Pimps – 6 Underground
16 Dragon Age Origins – Leiliana's Song
17 Mary Griffin – Anytime


Saturday, December 31, 2011

[OTHER] Happy New Year!!!

Hey guys!  I hope you're gearing up to have the best year of your lives in 2012 because I know I am!  Happy New Year to all of you!!!!!

Remember, there's NO SPOTS LEFT in the Mixtape CD Project 2!!!  Hurry up and sign up!!!  All mixtapes in this project will be posted on SATURDAYS!!!  The first mixtape will be posted this Saturday so keep your eyes peeled for it!


Monday, December 26, 2011

[OTHER] Mixtape CD Project II clarifications

Hey guys,

Thanks to those that have signed up already!!!  However, I do have to clarify some things.  When you send me an email signing up, make sure that you tell me what week you're signing up for AND what name you want to be listed under.  I've gotten several emails that ask me to sign people up, but they don't provide all the info needed.  This in turn has me sending emails asking for the info and some of them don't get answered.  Sending all the info in one email gets you automatically signed up for the week you requested.  It also prevents someone else from taking a spot you want.

With that said, there hasn't been that much participation.  So, for whatever weeks that no one has signed up for, THERE WILL BE NO POSTS!  The purpose of this project was to give you guys some music to listen to and give me time to focus on what I gotta do with my life.  I will resume posting in April, barring any major complications.

So, if you guys wanna hear new music every week, SIGN UP!!!  :)  This is what's left so far (check here on how to sign up):

  • Week ending 1/7 ~ DJ Dragon
  • Week ending 1/14 ~ Joey Shofet
  • Week ending 1/21 ~ PASK
  • Week ending 1/28 ~ Na Style Jaa
  • Week ending 2/4 ~ TwoDaystoAlaska
  • Week ending 2/11 ~ Joey Shofet
  • Week ending 2/18 ~ Blockster77
  • Week ending 2/25 ~ YF
  • Week ending 3/3 ~ heytuta
  • Week ending 3/10 ~ Madhan Rajan
  • Week ending 3/17 ~ waz
  • Week ending 3/24 ~ Joey Shofet
  • Week ending 3/31 ~ Joey Shofet

Saturday, December 17, 2011

[OTHER] Mixtape CD Project II!

Hey guys,

As you know, the poll is closed.  I've been watching the results every other day and I knew once a week would win.  So, here's the deal: Since the holidays are literally around the corner, I will NOT reopen the blog....(OK, I'll stop playing!) until after January 1, 2012.

So, here's what's going to happen (please read the directions carefully!!):


  • Singing Up
    • Email me at "ladymiyomi @ gmail . com" (remove the spaces first) with the subject of "Mixtape CD Project II Signup" and give me your name (or whatever you want posted with your project) so I can attach your name to the list at the bottom of this post.
    • This is first-come, first-posted.  That means you need to email me NOW to make sure you get a spot!  I will go in the order that I receive the emails.  
      • Example:  If you're the first one to sign up, you'll get the week first week in January, and so on.
    • If you want to participate more than once, you need to tell me that in the email.  
      • Example:  You want to make three mixtape CDs.  I will sign you up for the next three available days until I reach 13 submissions (three months worth).
  • Emailing Your Mixtape CD
    • Make a mixtape CD consisting of any genre you want.
    • Make sure the CD can actually fit on one CD!  This is in case someone wants to burn it directly to a CD.
      • If you want to do multiple volumes, make sure you state that when you sign up.
    • Upload the CD yourself somewhere (example:  Megaupload, Mediafire, Rapidshare, etc.).
    • Email me the following (in the same format I use):
      • The subject of the email should be "Mixtape CD Project II Submission Week (insert the week you signed up for)", this is to prevent me from accidentally classifying your email as spam.
      • The name you want to be listed as
      • The uploaded link to your mixtape CD
      • Album cover
      • Genre
      • Track list
      • Reviews are optional and NOT required!
    • I will post everything you've given me
    • HAVE FUN WITH IT!!!!  ^^
If you have any questions, please post a comment here.  Don't email them to me, please!

This is ONLY for the months of January-March 2012 right now!  If it's successful enough, this will happen again in the near future!

Since there's thirteen weeks total in January-March 2012, I'd like one mixtape CD for each week.  I'm kinda thinking this idea's gonna fly since people are always recommending me stuff, but this has to be something YOU put together! 

Monday, November 28, 2011

[OTHER] Poll time! aka your help is needed

Hey guys, in case some of you haven't noticed, I just made a poll and stuck it on top of the tagboard.  I need every last one of you to answer the poll.  If the blog is re-opened, I will NOT be able to post for awhile, so that's why I'm thinking about another mixtape CD project.  Pretty PLEASE go take the poll!  It closes on December 15th at 8pm, so there's plenty of time to get your votes in!  The more answers I get, the more likely the blog is going to open!

Cheers and make sure you vote! 


Wednesday, November 23, 2011

[OTHER] I have decided to....

...wish you all an early Thanksgiving.  Before you ask, yes, the blog is STILL closed!  I'm sorry to repeat it like this, but if I don't, people will misunderstand and bombard me with requests and stuff!

Remember to eat lots of good food for you and me! =)


Friday, November 18, 2011

[OTHER] I have an annoucement to make...

The blog is still closed, but Happy Birthday to me!

That is all, lol.


PS  If I do reopen the blog, I'm thinking of having another mixtape thing.  What do you think?

Sunday, September 11, 2011

[OTHER] This blog is still CLOSED, but....

I'm considering reopening this blog.  If it does happen, it'll be towards the end of the year when things get less hectic.  I still come here and visit, but not as frequently as I would like. 

However, I have noticed the amount of spamming going on in the tagboard.  While I don't mind people asking others to go to their blogs or asking people to check out their music, I do mind when you see the same request under different names multiple times (I know because the IP address is the same) and/or straight out spamming.  If this keeps up, I'll be forced to shut down the tagboard.  I'm asking nicely if those of you (not all of you because most of you are cool ^^) who feel like spamming, take it elsewhere.  If not, I will ban you and every IP address that you try to post under. For those of you who this doesn't apply for, I'm sorry you had to listen to all that.  =(

Again, the blog is still closed at this time.  I don't think the last post made that clear enough because I get people on Facebook asking me about it all the time.  Speaking of Facebook, feel free to send me a friend request.  I like meeting new people that share my taste in music.  ^^